A podcast about what life is really like being a freelancer.

Get a behind the scenes look at the real benefits and challenges of working for yourself.

Feeling stuck in your business?
You're not alone.

Most business podcasts focus on interviewing executives and consultants who have already built successful businesses that operate at scale. Those folks certainly have a lot of valuable insights to share, but what if you're not there yet?

We created My Freelance Life to give a real-world account of what life looks like for freelancers who are in the early or middle stages of their career. Each season, we follow the journey of a single freelance professional as they face the ups and downs of life as an independent creative.

Here are some of our best episodes...

Episode 2: "I realized: This is the thing I’ve been waiting for."

When you've got somewhere to go, putting your two weeks notice in can be fairly routine. But when your only plan is to start freelancing full-time...well, that changes everything.

Episode 9: “It’s not always as pretty as it seems”

Sometimes, work is just work. As Andy said about the Freelance business, “It’s not always as pretty as it seems.” We explore the ups and downs of the Freelance world.

Episode 23: “I’ve just passed the 1 year anniversary of leaving my full time job!”

Just over an year ago, Andy announced that he was leaving his job to pursue freelancing full-time. Andy is now a full year into his freelance career - and loving every bit of it.

Does any of this sound familiar?
Then our show is just what you need.

You're less concerned with learning from people who are ten steps ahead of you and more focused on solving your current challenges.
Learning about business theory from experts and gurus is less attractive than getting actionable advice from someone who is working in the trenches.
You wish more people would talk about freelance life outside of work. How do you address loneliness, juggle personal and professional commitments, or manage a complex financial situation.

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